The fastest way to prototype a website

Simple three steps to create web prototypes for all possible cases

From low-fidelity to high-fidelity, and everything in between

Create from sketches to fully functional web prototypes to match all your design needs and use-cases:

Rough out ideas at the very beginning

Insert images or sketch out main structures, layouts and user flows to quickly create a low-fidelity website prototype with easy drag-and-drop, allowing you to focus on the bigger plan, like how to design and iterate your project, at the very early design stage.

Test out your prototypes at the very ending

Create fully functional high-fidelity prototypes that feel real and see whether all actions and details run as well as you imagine at the very last design stage.

Build interactive web prototypes with rich animations

Turns your ideas into fully interactive web prototypes with advanced drag-and-drop interactions, animations and mobile gestures like Hover, Rotate, Slide Right And Swipe Left , far more than simple page transitions or image slideshows.

Buttons can be pressed, forms can be filled out. So, you can validate all possible user scenarios, and find potential problems and solutions early on.

Make your website prototype responsive

大圣电竞软件 offers a full set of manual and auto responsive design aids to perfectly zoom in or out of any artboards, grids, layouts and elements of your web page at scale, so, your potential customers can simply access your website from any computer or mobile devices.

Test your website prototypes like real products

When you've completed a website prototype, instantly preview and test the prototype on real devices like computers, mobile phones and tablets via a single link, fully exploring user experiences and user flows early on.

You can also export it as a HTML demo package or image to view and share all UI details even offline.

Effectively work with your team in real-time, even remotely

Get your entire team to work on the same page as follows:


Have your entire team co-design on the same web project without conflicts - even anytime and on any device remotely. Design edits are auto-synced for everyone.

Share and feedback

Share prototype links with your teammates, so they can directly view from anywhere with internet access, and leave feedback directly on the prototype page.

Collaboration and handoff

Seamless integration with 大圣电竞软件 Cloud allows you to smoothly move to the design collaboration and handoff stage. Break down silos between designers, devs and PMs.

Open up possibilities for data-driven web prototypes

Prototype clear dashboards, forms, and data lists with premade charts, tables, and templates, leaving no room for confusion.

Free web app templates for your next project

Our pre-designed prototype templates get you started with any kind of web projects in seconds

大圣电竞软件 is very well thought out and allows us to create designs as quickly as possible with ease. We have several apps, that we've created mockups for, and we tried different tools, but currently we moved entirely to 大圣电竞软件 . I think it's way too underrated (especially in Europe) and provides a great value!

Wladimir Alexi CEO & Founder of Maground

More features to prototype fantastic web experiences

Prototype, collaborate and test web ideas in your way
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