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15 Best UX Design Courses Worldwide in 2019

Apr 17, 2018

In the era of digits, UX design has become a hot field where more and more people want to jump in. For those who want to be UX designers, this industry is no strange to other industries, and you need to go through certain training and educations to be competence. At the same time, for those who have already been in this industry for a while, it is also necessary for them to learn new things on a daily basis to keep themselves updated and elevated.

This is why we have collected and organized these 15 best UX courses and schools for you. And we’ll put each of them through three major questions:

  • Online or offline?
  • How much does it cost?
  • And, what do they teach?

1. Springboard

Online/offline: online

What do they teach: Data Science and AI, UX design, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing


Springboard is an online UX course provider based in San Francisco, USA, Bangalore, and India. They believe the best education is the one that fits the students best. There are more than 300 advisors and mentors who are experts in UX design, and they truly understand and support their students. It prepares the students for the real world with practical exercises. Led by professional mentors in the field, the students will learn the knowledge which is needed in the real world. These are the education model of Springboard.

About the UX courses:

- Multiple UX courses;

- Agenda that fits your life;

- Human sources network;

- Job training;

- Personalized training methods;

Grads are welcomed by some of the big companies like Amazon.

2. Career Foundry

Online/offline: online

What do they teach: UX design, UI design, Full-Stack Web Development, Data Analytics


 Career Foundry course price

CareerFoundry is an online school that offers flexibly-paced, fully mentored courses and programs that help people build tech careers they love. Students receive individualized mentoring and support from their personal mentor and tutor, as well as from our dedicated team of student advisors and career specialists. Their curriculum is researched and written in-house by curriculum designers and editors who collaborate with subject matter experts to create a rigorous, project-based, and adaptive learning experience.

Now entering its 7th year, CareerFoundry offers full programs in UX design , UI design, web development, and data analytics, as well as individual introductory courses and specializations for qualified designers in front-end development, UI design (for UX designers), and voice user interface design.

Here are some things you'll get to know about UX design at CareerFoundry:

  • Knowledge about the history and origins of the industry;
  • Practical experience of the entire UX design process, from research to delivery;
  • Industry insights from your own dedicated mentor and tutor;
  • Extensive job preparation from a dedicated course and team;
  • Specialization courses in voice design, UI design, or frontend development.

3. Coursera

Online/offline: online

What do they teach:  Computer Science, Data Science, IT, software design, etc.

Prices: Most of the courses are free, and you can audit the rest for free.

Coursera is an online UX courses provider. It provides:

- Courses : Include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. 4-6 weeks. Priced at about $29-$99. Earn an electronic Course Certificate;

 - Specializations : Include a series of rigorous courses, tackle hands-on projects based on real business challenges. 4-6 months. Priced at about $39-$79/Mo. Earn a specialization Certificate;

- Online Degrees : Includes courses on business, computer science, and data science, provided by the partner universities. 1-3 years. Priced at about $15-$25,000. Earn an accredited master’s degree.

Courses on UX design: 

- What’s UX design?

- Basics of graphic design;

- Web development, HTML, CCS, Java;

- Art design and conception design;

- Font design, etc.

4. IDF

Online/offline: online

What do they teach: UX design (digital marketing, human-computer interaction, UI design, web design, etc.)


IDF is an independent, non-profitable, educational institution. Their goal is to “Raise global design education to an Ivy League standard, while at the same time reduce costs to as low as possible.”

They provide top-quality, online design courses at a fraction of the cost of traditional education.

Its partners are top universities and big companies like Stanford, Cambridge, SAP Lab, and noted authors like Clayton Christensen and Don Norman. They provide students with practical and academic rigorous materials. Since 2002, IDF has been helping people who want to learn the science and art of design with low prices and high qualities. It has reached to 458 local groups in 94 countries.

For beginners, you will have courses like:

- Human-computer interaction;

- UI design mode;

- UX design guide for beginners;

- Design thinking, etc.

For intermediate learners, you will have courses like:

- Mobile UX design;

- UX management;

- Different kinds of design principles;

- Usability design;

- Career advise, etc.

For advanced learners, you will have courses like:

- Formalism and design;

- UX design in VR;

- Dynamic UX design;

- Brain Science in Design, etc.

5. UX Mastery

Online/offline: online

What do they teach:  UX design and etc.

Prices: from $14.95

UX Mastery’s goal is to rid the world of confusing and hard-to-use interactions and interfaces with high-quality education on design. Its website holds a massive number of articles, ebooks, newsletters, and podcasts. With interesting and practical contents, they are highly praised by the industry.

Here you can find: 

- UX design guide for beginners;

- What’s UX design;

- How to pick your UX courses;

- How to choose UX tools;

- How to find a good mentor;

- How to get connected;

- How to deal with job interviews, etc.

6. Udacity

Online/offline: online

What do they teach:  front end development, reaction development, iOS app design, etc.


Udacity course price

The founder of Udacity is the former founder of Google XLab, professor of Stanford, inventor of the self-driving car, Sebastian Thrun. Since 2011, Udacity has opened branches in China, India, Europe, Brazil, and Dubai. Its main courses are about computer vision, cloud computing, blockchain, AI, data science, self-driving, etc. It has over 10 million users in 168 countries.

You can find courses here like “UX Design in Mobile Development” from Google, and the followings:

- What’s UX?

- The differences between UI and UX;

- High-level plan;

- User-Centered Design;

- Constraints on Mobile UX Design;

- Android App Design, etc.

7. DesignLAB

Online/offline: online

What do they teach:  Design 101, UI design, UX Survey, and Research,UX Interaction Design

Prices: $399/ 4 weeks

DesignLAB was the idea of its co-founder, Harish Venkatesan when he was reading a book about design. From that book, they believe that “a continuous cycle of feedback and iteration is essential for anyone aspiring to improve their design skills”. And they brought this idea into reality by building this company. Every one of the students will have an expert as a mentor. They must finish a couple of hands-on projects, during the time they will have continuous support and feedback by the peers and mentors.

You will learn: 

- Principles of UX Design;

- Multiple UX design courses;

- Career Training, etc.

Some of the grads from DesignLAB have already be hired by Adidas, Microsoft, Dell, Facebook, and other big companies. Wish you could be one of them after the training at DesignLAB.

8. Learn UI Design

Online/offline: online

What do they teach: UX/UI Design

Prices : Free

The idea of Learn UI Design is “Confidently design simple, usable apps for web & mobile.”. They believe that simplicity, easy-access and usability is what makes a good design.

They offer over 15 hours of 27 video lessons, covering the real UX design cases in key areas. You can download your exercises in PDFs, as quick references for UX do’s and don’t-do’s. You can also access the articles about tips and tricks, and a very beginner-friendly community.

You’ll learn: 

- Design Mode;

- Wireframe;

- User research;

- Usability research, etc.

And many more other contents. You will get used to UX design principles and processes quickly and become a UX designer.

9.  UX Design Institute

Online/offline: online

What do they teach:  UX Design

Prices: 2,250 Euros

Founded in 2017, UX Design Institute provides UX education with deeper look. Its goal is to bridge the global skill gap of UX design to make a clear career path for UX designers.

You will learn: 

- User survey and research;

- User goal;

- Structure and guidance;

- Interactive Design;

- Principles of Design;

- Prototyping and Wireframe, etc.

10. Skillshare

Online/offline: online

What do they teach: Data Science, Mobile Software Development, Product Management, Web Development, Marketing, etc.

Prices: Free

This is an online learning community, with millions of users expertise in courses like design, business, tech, and others. It’s open to everyone who wants to join the millions of users, to learn cutting edge skills, network with peers and find new opportunities.

About UX design, you will learn: 

- Web Art and Design;

- Visualization (Data visualization,UX graphic visualization);

- Personalized Icon Design;

- UX Design Trend, etc.

11. LearnUX

Online/offline: online

What do they teach:  UX Design, How to Use Design Tools, etc.

Prices: Free

This is a video education platform, full of all kinds of video tutorials of UX. By these video tutorials, you can learn the basic knowledge of web and mobile UI and UX design, along with the knowledge of workflow in design, and how to use some of the mainstream tools (like Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc.). Besides, there are many tips and experience sharing from experts in the field.

You will learn: 

- How to use mainstream UK design tools (Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Framer, Flinto, Principle, Abstract, Zeplin, InVision);

- Process of UX Design;

- Finding problems in your design;

- Principles of Usability;

- Soft skills in UX design;

And many others like UX Design, UX Design Thinking. It’s very rich in contents.

12. UXBeginner

Online/offline: online

What do they teach: UX Fundamentals, UX Portfolio, Master the UX Interview


UX Beginner price

This is a platform for UX beginners. You can learn the experience from professionals here, and get used to know all kinds of fundamental tools, resources, communities, blogs. Meanwhile, it provides you with one-on-one UX career training. Build your personal career map, resume, and portfolios, etc.

You will get: 

- Abundant files and documents on UX design;

- Professional Terminology education;

- UX tools;

- A complete UX designer community;

Plus, you will learn the professional knowledge along with what’s out there in the real world of UX designers. Elevate yourself, and get prepared for a real job.

13. Class Central

Online/offline: online

What do they teach:  Computer Science, Data Science, Art Design, etc.

Prices: Free

This is an online education platform with rich contents. It covers art design, computer science, data science, and several other categories. The mentors are practical experts from the fields. Their idea is to make online education work for everyone

They focus on free (or free to audit) courses from universities. Offering massive open online courses (over 12k courses), they can meet all your needs easily.

To learn UX design here you will get: 

- UX capstone design;

- UI design advanced;

- UX research and prototyping, etc.

Besides those, you will get many UX documents and files from universities.

14. General Assembly

Online/offline: online and offline

What do they teach: Software Engineering, UX Design, Data Science, Front End Development, etc.


General Assembly course price

GA is an education institute doing both online and on campus. They provide people who want to learn design, coding, data, marketing with full-time courses and part-time courses.

Founded in 2011, GA has helped tens of thousands of people to enter the professional fields. They offer a pioneering and experiential education in today’s most in-demand skills. With the award-winning curriculum and over 40 thousand alumni in the professional community, every step you take in learning will be fully supported by your peers and mentors.

To learn UX design here, you will get: 

- The opportunity to be hired by the high-growth hi-tech companies with a high salary;

- Face to face with the leaders from the UX design industry;

- Build your own connection with valuable people, etc.

And many other advantages that other schools don’t have. You will shift from a beginner to a learner to a professional UX designer really quickly.

15.  CorsoUX.it

Online/offline: online

What do they teach: Software Engineering, UX Design, Data Science, Front End Development, etc.


CorsoUX.it course price

CorsoUX is an online UX courses provider. It is the first in such a field in Italy to have a complete UX design course. They provide:

- A large number of contents: you will get over 400 hours of courses in written materials, videos, practices;

- Good prices ;

- Creating your own projects : students need to create their own projects from scratch. The projects could be about web design or app design. These projects will be a part of their final portfolio;

- Personal Mentor : a senior professional UX designer will be your mentor giving you unlimited supports;

- UX certificates : if you pass all the exams you will receive a quality certificate for your UX Design studies. You will also have a reference directly from the mentor for future job interviews.

- Unbeatable price : CorsoUX.it offers you the cheapest web design and UX course in Italy, in terms of quality and price. You will never find any courses online, with the same quality at the same prices.

Besides all of those, you can also learn what is the UX course, what it takes to be a UX designer, how long will the courses take, and so on.

Above are the 15 best UX design courses and education institutes we've rounded up. Hope they are helpful to you.

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