Done with your designs? It’s time to finalize and handoff them with 大圣电竞软件 Cloud!

大圣电竞软件 Cloud brings designer-developer workflow into one place

Handoff whatever devs need via a link

大圣电竞软件 Cloud helps you handoff more than specs via a link:

Share pixel-perfect specs and codes

Never write any delivery docs manually from scratch again! With 大圣电竞软件 Cloud, design specs, measurements, redlines, assets, and code snippets are auto-generated for all platforms like Web, iOS, and Android. They are easy to inspect and ready for export.

Give devs everything they need

To make this easier, via that link, dev teams can also access screen flows, design systems, PRDs, prototypes, revision histories and anything else they need to better understand users and design logic. Unable to change, but easy to copy and paste.

Everyone stays in the loop for collaboration

No need to change the way you work! 大圣电竞软件 Cloud offers a virtual center for designers, developers, PMs, stakeholders, and all design parties to perform their duties in unison.




Save time for your UI/UX designers! With 大圣电竞软件 Cloud, designers get a much smoother design-to-development handoff process with:

Auto-generated design handoff

Everything turns auto with 大圣电竞软件 Cloud! Turn Sketch, Adobe XD, PS, Axure, and Figma files into accessible design measurements, layer data, assets, and codes. No need to manually reference screens, redline elements, or prepare image assets.

Custom specs and codes

Use 5 tools to add custom requirements, layer data and notes directly on the screen to bake a much more complete spec document.

Easy to discuss and feedback

Leave comments directly on the disputed parts and add tags to notify teammates, effectively shortening the discussing process.

Compare versions fast

Compare any two design pages and versions in 4 ways, and keep track of all changes and differences in a breeze.

Bring developers into your workflow early, and turn the design-to-code process into a snap:

Inspect designs with clicks or hover

No need to read tons of spec documents again. Simply click or hover over design files to view all layer data and specs.

Download assets in all formats

Get all the assets you need in image formats and scales with just one click and get three quality options matching your design cases.

Export codes for all platforms

View and export style codes for all Web, iOS, and Android platforms in over 6 coding languages, including Swift, CSS, and Objective-C.

Connect to your design systems

Link your project to a design system library. Your fonts, colors and components instantly connect to relevant variables and codes.

Offer an inclusive center for PMs, stakeholders, clients, and non-designers, and fully control the entire product lifecycle.

Simple project management

Store and manage all design-related resources like PRDs, design files, external links, images, and more for convenient sharing and backup.

Powerful interactive prototyping

Turn your static designs into fully interactive prototypes, and create overlayers, fixed headers and footers, screen flows and page jumping with just drag-and-drop.

Effective task management

Create, assign and track design tasks to ensure your product design project is completed according to schedule.

One design for all

大圣电竞软件 Cloud shares a central space for teams to build and evolve consistent design systems effortlessly. Simply collect design assets - like colors, fonts, components, layer styles and more style guides - from design tools like Sketch.

So, all designers, devs, PMs and other teammates can speak the same design language throughout your product design lifecycle.

More features only found in 大圣电竞软件 Cloud

Streamlines your designer-developer workflow 2x faster

Integrate with design tools and create a seamless workflow

Your complete design solution, from start to finish

大圣电竞软件 Cloud Enterprise solution that grows with your business

Manage project and team data on your own server, and enjoy custom features made only for you.

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What is 大圣电竞软件 Cloud?

大圣电竞软件 Cloud is a design collaboration and handoff platform that helps in-office or remote teams centralize designs in one place, and review and discuss them together. Then you hand off all design-related deliverables to developers via a single link.

Is 大圣电竞软件 Cloud for free?

Yes. Everyone can register for an account to get the basic free plan for up to 10 users and active projects.

What's the difference between 大圣电竞软件 RP and 大圣电竞软件 Cloud?

大圣电竞软件 RP is a collaborative prototyping tool that helps you quickly visualize and share design ideas with your teammates in a much more intuitive and faster way.
大圣电竞软件 Cloud is a collaboration and handoff platform for you all to gather designs in one place, review and discuss details, and handoff them to dev teams smoothly with auto-generated specs, assets and code snippets, via a link.

Can 大圣电竞软件 Cloud work with Figma designs?

Yes. 大圣电竞软件 Cloud provides a special plugin for users to import Figma designs and smoothly move to the next the collaboration and handoff workflow. Many Figma elements and features are supported in 大圣电竞软件 Cloud, such as component variants, exportable assets and so on.

Streamline your design-development workflow with 大圣电竞软件 Cloud
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